MHI Helps Manufactured Home Communities Move Forward

Growing park business and increasing value
Improving management and resident relationships

How We Help Park Management

1. Improve Communication with Residents A community calendar and blog allows residents to check upcoming events, rules & regulations, future projects planned, and much more which will improve the communication between park management and residents.

2. Improve Public Awareness About Your Community Park owners and management can educate the public on the growing value of investing in a mobile and manufactured home community.

3. Improve Public Perception / Reverse Bad Publicity – Your personal website allows you to communicate your message to residents, future residents, and the public. It also allows you to build your personal brand and focus on your strengths.

4. Fill Vacant Spaces – The automatic listing integration with Manufactured Home World, a manufactured and mobile home multiple listing services will help promote your community and fill vacant spaces. It allows you to direct traffic to your own website rather than directing traffic to a shared listing service.

MHI helps you grow your park business by improving management and resident relationships, filling vacant spaces, improving time management, and social media interaction to better communicate your park brand and message through a community branded website.

Our mobile home park management and marketing tools will help grow your business, improve communication with your residents, and help onsite managers make better use of their time, all through a community branded website and resources offered. A blog and calendar of events will improve resident satisfaction. These communication tools also allow you to control access. Facebook and Google Places are popular social media sources that allow you to control the message you want to portray about your community. Your website’s content and pictures are other ways to control the reputation you wish to have. Search engine indexing with the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing) will give you the visibility needed to fill your vacant spaces and sell homes. In return, this will increase your revenue. These management and marketing tools, which include nationwide press releases, provide you the opportunity to successfully promote your community, display your message and increase park business.

How We Help Residents

We improve management and resident relationships, which will increase resident satisfaction and retention through social media interaction, a community calendar, and mobile home listings.We improve resident satisfaction by increasing home values, providing communication tools and social media through a community branded website. Our partnership with a mobile home listing service will help sell homes and fill vacant space. Our communication tools include a blog and community calendar. Facebook and Google places are social media sources giving residents the opportunity to tell their friends how great their community is. Search engine indexing on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing will help market your community and educate prospective residents about the great investment opportunity of purchasing a home in your community. You will have great success with promoting your community and displaying your message through press releases to bring in more homebuyers.MHI’s personally branded community websites help homeowners, home buyers, and sellers WIN together!