MHI helps Sales Agents, Retailers/Dealers, and Manufacturers Move Forward
With Personally Branded Websites and Social Media

A Complete Management and Marketing System
Customized for Sales Agents, Dealers and Manufacturers!

How MHI Helps Sales Agents, Retailers/Dealers, and Manufacturers

1. Developing More Resources to Sell Homes
Sales Agents, Retailers/Dealers have a personal listing and lead generation application on their personally branded website which allows you to direct traffic to your own website rather than directing traffic to a shared listings service.

2. Developing More Resources for Self Promotion & Personalized Branding
Your personal and custom website allows you to build your personal brand and focus on your strengths.

3. Accelerating Your Sales Cycle Time We are leveraging visibility, access and SPEED of the home buying and selling process through social media and internet marketing.

4. Improving Relationships with Park Management & Residents A personally branded website allows the agent or dealer to build stronger connections with the park management and residents.

5. Increasing Public Awareness About Mobile and Manufactured Homes Through an individually branded website, Dealers and Sales Agents can educate the public on the growing value of investing in mobile and manufactured homes.

We can tailor an online business development plan for your individual sales needs.
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Our complete management and marketing system allows Sales Agents, Retailers/Dealers, and Manufacturers to “self-promote” through a PERSONALLY BRANDED WEBSITE PLUS SOCIAL MEDIA, giving you increased listing visibility, which will generate more leads from home buyers and residents, and help build relationships with park management and residents.

MHI’s management and marketing tools have been customized for the mobile home industry and will help you grow your business, increase customer satisfaction, and help boost your reputation. You will increase the number of listings you have in addition to generating more leads. Having a personally branded website, homebuyer tools, and providing resources will improve your communication with customers. Using our tools will help you develop a relationship with park management and residents. We offer blog and calendar of events modules to help you better communicate your message which you can control access to. Facebook and Google Places buttons are excellent social media management tools we provide. We will get your website indexed on all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to maximize your exposure.